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The Look of Old Films in a Digital Age | Rhinebeck Wedding Photography

Digital photography has changed the way wedding photography is done.  It is argued at nausea among professionals if it has been a good or bad development.  I am not going into rehash that fight.  Aperture Photography photographs wedding all over the Hudson Valley with both. The high cost of film and processing has priced all put the highest budgets for wedding photography out of range.

I have been working on bringing back the look of old film for  Aperture Photography wedding photography.  The look of film is big in towns like Rhinebeck, Woodstock, Kingston  and many of the artistic towns that do the Hudson River Valley.

Aperture Photography has been photographing weddings in the Upstate, NY area for over 20 years.  Here is a taste of old film types in the modern world of digital.

Bride walking along the Hudson River

Wedding Ceremony in Rhinebeck

bride and Groom at their wedding in Rhinebeck.


Weddings shot on Medium Format Film simply beautiful !

A 105 degree day July day at the Catlin Gardens at Rock Hill.  

Wedding shot on film. Belvedere Mansion



I was a film shooter for 15 years.  I shot hundreds of weddings with film. I then when digital.  Don't get me wrong digitals cameras are great. It is perfect, in fact too perfect.. The more I shoot film now, the more I realized that  I love it.  I love the colors that I get with film. The skin tones are just smooth and flattering.  Perfect for weddings and brides just love it.  The dreamy look is so amazing.  Films like Kodak Portra and Fuji 400H films are Professional films make for only one purpose. To make people look great !

Shooting film makes you slow down and carefully compose.  It costs me from $ 2 to $3 per shot I must craft each shot.  That is a positive.  Digital has advantages in low light and looks good even in a dark reception.

Film is used in many celebrity weddings.  Most Hollywood films are shot on film due to the wide tonal range.  It then can be digitized with great detail.

Do a web search on Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina and you will see what I mean.


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