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Rock and Roll Wedding | Woodstock at Bethel Woods

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a the real deal it is were the 1969 original concert. Bethel Woods is about 2 hours from Woodstock NY. It is simply wonderful with a perfectly landscaped ground, a large open room with a great stage and open floor just made for a great time.

The Historic Museum with original 1969 artifacts really add to the fun.

Wedding Photo of the a original 1969  Woodstock concert

The couple was just perfect for the venue. Fun, Rock and Roll and so original. They are the real deal. Just great people including all the guests. Loved them !

Such a beautiful bride with loads of personality !

Wedding Season in the Catskills and Hudson Valley | Aperture Photography


The weather is breaking in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills and it is the to start the wedding season. Although I photograph many wedding in the winter I still have time to recharge. I feel creative and ready. All my equipment is the very best so all I need to do it let my talent and experience take over. My passion for creating beautiful work is at it’s all time high. I always feel that there is no limits and I will Although I admire anyone with the courage, skill and passion to photograph the most important day in a couple’s lives, I want and will do all I can to be the best.

So far, I have booked so interesting weddings from Castles to rustic beautiful barns from New England to the Catskills of New York. I want to push the limits of what can be done in wedding photography.

So if you want a wedding photographer who will do all he can to make a very special collection please contact Aperture Photography and let’s talk about what you want and love in wedding photography. You will get every bit of creativity and customer service you could ever want.

Aperture Photography | The Amazing Hudson Valley and Albany Area

Hudson Ny Wedding Photograher.jpg

For Aperture Photography the Hudson Valley and Albany area makes wedding amazing. We are having a very busy and great year. We are located in a perfect location to photograph anywhere. The many years of shooting wedding is a huge help. But, What makes being a wedding photographer in the Hudson Valley and the whole of the Northeast is the amazing difference in venues and looking. No wedding is the same. And for a visual artist the variations in the Hudson Valley and the Mountains that jet up from the Hudson River give me so much inspiration and motivation.

Saugerties Wedding Photographer Aperture Photograhy.jpg

Just to name a few types of look are the old barns converted to wedding locations with its rustic look are the answer. The seemly endless looks like the Catskills and Adirondacks and the Hudson River and many lakes and farm lands are hard to beat.

Some couple just love the high style and elegant venues the are located everywhere may be just your style. Aperture Photography is lucky to photograph them all.

Catskill Mountain Wedding Photo by Aperture Photograhy.jpg

No matter where or what venue your prefer you can count on Aperture Photography to capture the look, feel and feel. You will be left with the memories that will last forever and the knowledge we have photographed them all many times.

Please contract Aperture Photography at:

Aperture Photography

Wedding Photography that is Special | Aperture Photography Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer


What makes a special collection of wedding photographs? Beautiful backgrounds and brilliant light sure, but emotion and true natural love.  You cannot pose it and you cannot photoshop it.   Aperture Photography with over 20 years of photographing weddings is dedicated to capturing natural emotions that will become true family treasures.

The beautiful light and backgrounds are certainly a big plus.  But, the photographer must have the natural talent to see the moment and act in a fraction of a second.  Having Aperture Photography will give you both the artful emotion and technical skill needed to capture it all!  Contact Aperture Photography for the very best.

Upstate NY and Northeast Barn Weddings | Aperture Photography

Barn Weddings are all the rage.  Aperture Photography photographed at least 15 this year.  They can be amazing.  Beautiful farms with rustic old barns look amazing.  This Year I photographed Barn weddings in the state’s New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut and New Jersey.  What I have notices most this year is that the Barns have so much more comfort and luxury.  Just a few years ago the barns we beautiful and quite original, but in a way roughing it.  That’s fine for some couples, but the modern changing rooms, rest rooms and in many barns A/C have made it so comfortable and enjoyable.  It was a hot summer and fall and the little comforts are welcome.

Bride and Groom Wedding Photo.jpg

The barn venues are everywhere now. From remote locations in Vermont and the Saratoga area to the hidden away private yet lovely barns in downstate New York and the Albany areas.

I love the texture and beautiful farm lands and of course the mountains we are so lucky to have here.  I feel I can make a beautiful collection of artful memories that rival any place in the world.  From vast landscapes to quite ponds the limit is only the imagination. Here is just a tiny fraction of the 20 to 30 thousand photographs I shot this year.

Here are some photographs from the amazing :

Wedding Barn At Lakota's Farm in Cambridge, NY What a amazing place with a amazing staff !  Thank You !

Wedding Photography to it's Extreme | 5 States Ski Slopes | Ocean Side | Mansions

This year reminds me of the Johnny Cash song " I've been everywhere ".  6 states, New York, New Jersy  

This year reminds me of the Johnny Cash song " I've been everywhere ".  6 states, New York, New Jersey , Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Hampshire. This is just a small example of where this year has taken me.


What makes it so fun is the different looks and creative differences from the Mountain weddings in Killington Mountain Resort, Hunter New York and the Adirondacks of the north of New York State to the beaches on Atlantic Ocean and Lake George.  It just a creative shot in the arm.

Catskills Wedding Photogeapher


I also love the Barn Weddings and Hudson Valley Mansions.  Variety is the spice of life !


Wild beautiful Wedding Entertainment at the Soyuzivka Ukrainian Resort | Hudson Valley Wedding Photography Aperture Photography

Everyone should pick the type of entertainment that suits their taste. The Hudson Valley and Albany area has it all.  But as a wedding photographer who sees mostly the same type of entertainment I love visual stunning acts. I just love acrobats.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photography Fun


Here are a few photos of an out of the ordinary circus at act at a wonderful Hudson Valley wedding just south of Kingston, NY

Wedding Photography in Kingston, NY

Does the best equipment matter | Hudson Valley Photographer

The most important thing b far is the photographer and his or her talent.  But equipment sure does matter.  Especially with Weddings in the Hudson Valley.  Upstate, NY Wedding Photographers like Aperture Photography  have to deal with the darkest conditions with very rainy and cloudy days along with super hot bright days with shadows and glare.

By far the most important thing in a photographers bag is fast and weather proof lenses, It goes without saying they most be sharp and have great color.  Pro camera bodies in last few years are just great.  If you have the correct glass you can create a fine image,

Wedding guests photo taken with a Canon EF 50mm f1.2L

To me and I know it is just my take on cameras only Canon and Nikon are suitable. Many good photographers do well with others.  Like the Sony and Fuji mirrorless are fine cameras, but the lenses needed to do the job have just started arrive and they lack dual card slots for backup.  In a few years I am sure the will be perfect.

I choose Canon for 2 reasons.  They make the fast lenses needed for my style and I love the colors.  Brides just look great and the time saved in photoshop is very welcome.

Again,  talent is key, but the tools to bring out the talent sure do help.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photography | Something beautiful for everyone.

The Hudson Valley may be the new Hamptons !  I read an article in which many of the so called hip crowd has bought homes in the area.  Also,  I have noticed about 1/2 of my customers live in New York City or the nearby areas.  For good reason.  The Hudson Valley and the Catskills has become a go to place for art, beauty, music and culture.

The many different options and styles of venues are endless.  From amazing small towns like, Saugerties, Hudson , Kingston and so many others to the rustic locations in the Catskills it is just a feast of beauty.

It is amazing that in the Hudson Valley your wedding photography and looks can be so different.  In a half an hour you can be at the Hudson River and then the many ski slopes of the Catskills make the Hudson Valley a area like no other.  Aperture Photography has photographed everywhere from the many barn weddings to the old mansions along the Hudson River.

Contact Aperture Photography Hudson Valley Wedding Photography and lets talk about your special wedding.