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Fall Weddings Beauty and Fun ! | Aperture Photography Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Aperture Photography fall weddings in the Hudson Valley It may be Summer but soon enough the Fall will come. The Fall in the Hudson Valley is worldwide known for the breathtaking and inspiring scenery that is like no other. Aperture Photography absolutely loves Fall weddings, it’s our favorite time of the year. There are so many opportunities for beautiful shots that you will look back and cherish on your wedding day. The beautiful fall foliage in the Hudson Valley has people from all around the world visit just to take pictures. Now just imagine having your wedding with one of the most beautiful backgrounds for priceless pictures the world possesses. So if you’re thinking about your wedding date and location then you truly have to look no further than the Fall in the Hudson Valley. Aperture Photography would love to take part in your most special day in your lives and help make it truly memorable. Give Aperture Photography a call: 518-678-0176 or Email us at


Marist Collage Wedding Photographers | Aperture Photography

Wedding Portrait at Marist Collage-Aperture Photgraphy Marist Collage is just beautiful.  Wedding Photography is about a having  magical day and Marist Collage has  you can ask for.  The wonderful River view, the rose gardens, stately stone gardens and wonderful trees and of coarse the Marist Chapel.  After the wedding I like to take a walk with the bride and groom and find great light in a great setting.  At Marist Collage the endless photography variations make for beautiful wedding.  We would love to photography your wedding.  Please call us at 518-678-0176 or visit wedding photographers Aperture Photography

The Poughkeepsie Wedding Weedend | Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel


I had the pleasure to photograph two weddings in Poughkeepsie.  Both at the incredible Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel.  I am so glad I was there.  The are consistently excellent.  There timing is right on.  It is so helpful t0 a photographer and the photography when you know the venue is perfect.  The pressure is so much less.  It was so much fun to walk the streets to Poughkeepsie shooting bridals with the historic backdrops.  Here is a few shots from this weekend.


Albany New York- A wedding photographers delight of beauty and culture | Aperture Photography

Wedding Photographer Picture of wedding singer

Aperture photography has been photographing weddings near and in the Albany area for more than 20 years. Although much has changed in 20 years the beautiful architecture and landmarks remain timeless.  As a wedding photographer in Albany NY, I have such a selection of beautiful backdrops to choose from.  The bride and groom are assured of beautiful wedding memories.  There are many historical landmarks in Albany.  For example the New York State Capital, The Egg, the Empire State Plaza, the Palace Theatre and many parks and historic buildings that just aren’t found elsewhere.

With these backdrops of marble, stone, and beautiful parkland, your wedding pictures will be fantastic.  Due to the fact that the locations are very close, you can get the beautiful historic marble and stone buildings and in a short drive be at a scenic park with all its beautiful lush landscape.

Aperture photography especially loves the New York State Capital and the Empire State Plaza.  These areas are amongst the most beautiful in NY State.  A Few minutes from these historic buildings is Washington Park which will give you a different look to  your wedding photographs and add different visual interest to your beautiful wedding album.

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The Look of Old Films in a Digital Age | Rhinebeck Wedding Photography

Digital photography has changed the way wedding photography is done.  It is argued at nausea among professionals if it has been a good or bad development.  I am not going into rehash that fight.  Aperture Photography photographs wedding all over the Hudson Valley with both. The high cost of film and processing has priced all put the highest budgets for wedding photography out of range.

I have been working on bringing back the look of old film for  Aperture Photography wedding photography.  The look of film is big in towns like Rhinebeck, Woodstock, Kingston  and many of the artistic towns that do the Hudson River Valley.

Aperture Photography has been photographing weddings in the Upstate, NY area for over 20 years.  Here is a taste of old film types in the modern world of digital.

Bride walking along the Hudson River

Wedding Ceremony in Rhinebeck

bride and Groom at their wedding in Rhinebeck.


Kingston New York Weddings | Perfect for the couple and photographer

Wedding Photo on the streets of Kingston, NY  

Kingston NY, is a perfect place for a wedding and wedding photography. The geographic location is next to the Hudson River and historic nature of being the first capital of New York State. It has it all the Hudson River, the Rondout District and the Uptown Stockade District  that feels like you back in the revolutionary war period.

Aperture Photography has photographed hundreds of weddings in Kingston.  It has a wide variety of different locations within a few miles of each other. Every wedding is bound to take on a unique appeal. The Rondout District is colorful with beautiful waterfronts and colorful restored 19th century buildings. As a wedding photographer I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place. Hollywood films are shot there and for good reason. The uptown stockade district has many original 18 century buildings. With the Senate House the Old Dutch Church and grand stone buildings, the look of the photography takes on a elegant more formal feel.

Everyone loves the Hudson River and Kingston is located right on it. The Kingston point is a favorite location for many couples. Many couples choose to have their weddings in Kingston due to the rich heritage and breathtaking scenes. It is one of my favoritea locations for wedding and reception photographs.

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Kingston NY |Wedding Photographer | Enough Snow !

Weddng Flowers  

I just photographed a wedding in Kingston, NY.  I love the cold, but the deep snow and wind just was frigid. I live in the northeast and know for 4-5 months the weather is cold and snowy. I am a wedding photographer who loves all four seasons and winter too.  But, this winter has been so cold and filled with snow.

In March there is enough warm days to melt the snow. Not this year. My studio is in Saugerties, near the Catskills.  Hunter and Windham Mountain are just 15 -20 minutes away.  I have enjoyed some of the beautiful winter wedding photographs.  My brides have loved them.  But enough is enough it is time for spring. I just want to post a bright sunny photograph of a flower.  In a month or two we have the Hudson Valley spring to enjoy.  I cannot wait for spring weddings.

Aperture Photography is a Upstate, NY Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Photography and skin tones | Kingston NY Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography

Wedding Portrait of Bride outside in Woodtock NY by Aperture Photography At Aperture Photography we are always working on ways to get perfect skin tones. Portrait film is the direct line to great skin tones.  Though years of study and working at it we think we have find a key to film like skin tones with digital capture.  Working in the Albany and Hudson Valley the customers are leaning toward timeless beauty not trick shots.  I am so glad.  My tastes lean toward the classics.  We wnat you to love your photographs 30 years ago.  And fine art beauty and natural enhancement is the key.

Aperture Photography works every day to give you a classic and up to date syle and additude you will love.  Drop us a line or e-mail and we would be glad to disscuss your wedding and find out what we have to offer.  Take a look at our web site for our examples. 

Aperture Photgraphy covers the Kingston, Upstate NY the Catskills and beyond.

Valentines Day Winter Wedding Woodstock, NY | Aperture Photography Kingston, NY

Wedding Photograph of a couple in the snow near Woodstock, NY I had the pleasure to photograph a wedding in Woodstock, NY on Valentines Day.  I  just cannot get over how the beauty of fresh snow and pine trees make for a wedding photograph that looks like a set photograph in the movie Dr. Zhivago.  After the outdoor shots the reception was held at the Cucina Restaurant in the Village of Woodstock NY.

Woodstock, NY is a special place the mood of the the town and the artistic nature of the people can really make for incredible cinematic photographs. I had a great couple to photograph.  Both Elegant and laid back and the bride looked incredible with the detailed dress and vintage coat.

Kingston, NY is about 12 miles east and it is more of a Hudson River town with great buildings and restaurants that make for great wedding photography. But only 12 or so miles or so from Woodstock it feels and looks like it is in a different world.  Each town is great and I am so lucky to photograph wedding so different and so near.

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The Mohonk Mountain House in Winter | A Wedding Photographer, Bride and Groom's Dream

The Victorian splendor on the Mohonk Mountain House is a national treasure.  A the look and feel of a time gone by with all the modern comforts we expect.  The activity's are endless. The atmosphere is describable.  Aperture Photography had the pleasure of shooting recent wedding there.  The couple and family were so fun and wonderful.  The Mohonk was a at a winter wonderland.  Just beautiful !  Contact Aperture Photography and let us capture your wedding and event. The Fabulous Mohonk Mountain House.  Better than ever !