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Photography Color Palette | Aperture Photography Poughkeepsie Wedding Photographer

Brides will spend a year looking for colors and color themes to match a vision. Maybe it is an fresh spring wedding with flowers and a pastel look so wonderful after a dark New York Winter. Hint: It is hard to beat the Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie.  Or a October fall them with all the warm colors that go with it.  Who does not love the fall leaves, the hay, maybe a nice fire or a even hey rides. 

One of the most overlooked in todays photographers is the color palette.  Most photographers have no idea how to control and use it to make Fine Art Wedding Photography.  The use of to many photoshop filters just does not work and look cheap.  It is the easy way out, but the quality is not there.

In the course of a year a photographer will see everything from the darkest churches and barns to sunny beach or the Hudson River.  Or blinding sunny days on top of Hunter or Windham Mountains of the Catskills.

Your photographer must know how to capture and feature the look you worked so hard to get.  A filter or trick will not do it. A photographer must know light and color to truly bring out timeless photographs.

Aperture Photography can photograph your wedding in a artistic way that many of the weekend warriors simply cannot. 

The photographs in this blog post are not meant to be the most beautiful or portfolio shots, but an illustrations of a small portion of the different looks, lighting and natural color.

Weddings are all different and beautiful.  In some of the wedding photographs in Newburgh, NY you could not see you feet and in some of the others it was so bright you needed sunglasses. It si all wonderful just go with it and bring out the beauty.  Please contact Aperture Photography and we will help you with your vision.

The wedding photographs in the post were taken  by Aperture Photography in Albany, NY, Newburgh, NY Woodstock, NY, Poughkeepsie and Saratoga Springs.

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