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In Search of Beautiful Skin Tones for Weddings | Aperture Photography Weddings Saugerties

Skin Tones without photoshop  

A Beautiful Bride photographed for pleasing skin tones

Timeless Look.  The Camera and Lens combo just works !Timeless Look. The Camera and Lens combo just works !

Color palette and skin tones are the most important items in wedding photography equipment.   Camera companies make billions of dollars a year putting out cameras that make vacation pictures look great.  The problem is my priority is to make my bride look her best.  I have access to every camera  a professional  may use.  Only about 2 out of 10 have that pastel creamy color graduation that makes people look good.  I just spend 2 months evaluating cameras for the look Aperture Photography needs for great Wedding Photography.  I sent most of them back.  Although they are the lasted and greatest costing as much as a car most are useless.  All the Photoshop in the world cannot change the basic information a camera (chip) and lens images.

2 makers have it down and for my vantage point the other top 3 makers miss the boat for wedding photography.  I would name them, but the companies who's look I don't like will not be very happy.

I will give away a few secrets in regards to camera settings and metering.  The Histogram must absolutely correct for the skin.  The tree in the back although important comes in second to the bride.  And do not use the camera default sharpening.  Way to much.  Buy a good sharp lens and do it organically.

Lenses are much the same way but that is a book worth of information.  Rest assured Aperture Photography, Albany, Hudson Valley, Poughkeepsie and Westchester photography will keep seeking the very best look for Wedding Photography.