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Special Effects and Wedding Photography

This subject is a highly personal matter of taste.  When photographers like myself  a lot of switched most of our work to from film to digital a whole new door opened.  That door is and was Photoshop.  Like salt and pepper it should be used with care.  It is a powerful tool and you can do almost anything with it.  But the question is should you.  After years of working with it the answer is no.  Photoshop is great to enhance an already great photograph, but is no substitute for good skillful photography.  I still love to shoot is film and you get one chance.  And that is all you need.  A professional wedding photographer must nail the shot.  Aperture Photography has been in business for over 20 years and I see, so many weekend warriors come and go due to a lack of fundamental skills and lack of art training.

I shoot film for most of my personal work and force myself to be technically sound.  Then and only then can I go for the Wow shots !   Yes I use special effects sprinkled throughout as a seasoning, put never as a main course.  Wedding Photography must pass the test of time.  Like a classic song that sounds good like the day it was recorded  A photograph must look great in 20 years.  Too many Photoshop tricks and you will look back and see a dated set of pictures.  A few stylized shots enhance.

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