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New Book about Albany, NY | Portraits | Photography

I was looking over some photographs on some hard drive I had in my studio.  It contained so interesting images of people and places I rarely meet or areas I don't visit much.  I come from a white middle class background and for the most part know people a lot like me.  So when i saw these photographs of a book I was doing of the urban churches in Albany, NY titled Sunday hats I really wanted to finish the book.  The people are amazing and there ideas and what is important to them is wonderful.  These ladies are some of the most kind people I have ever meet.  I have thousands more photographs I just wanted to share a few. Sunday fashion and colorful hats and the important place in the local culture is so interesting to me.  Here is a quick look at a few.


Wedding at The Otesaga Resort Hotel | Cooperstown, NY

  Cooperstown Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at the  Otesaga Resort Hotel.  The Otesaga Resort Hotel on Lake Street in Cooperstown NY is amazing !  Elegant and Grand with the most beautiful lake right on the grounds.  We had a perfect background for wedding photographs no matter which way we turned. What make the wedding photos even more fun and beautiful is that the main in street in Cooperstown is a minute away and we had such a good time taking photos at The Baseball hall of Fame and other land marks on the main street of the village.

Wedding photography in Cooperstown, NY

Bride abd Groom picking out their bats

Coopertown Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography

First dance wedding photo by Aperture Photography

Lake Otesaga Wedding

The Otesaga Resort Hotel Ceromony

Wedding portrait in Cooperstown NY

Aperture Photography Style's is to suit you

After being in the Wedding Photography business for all these years one thing is for certain.  A photographer must adjust to each bride and groom.  Also adjustments must be made for the venue, time of year and venue. Let’s just take quick look at the difference in venues.  Some of these are my favorites, but there look and style is very different. As an Albany, NY Wedding Photographer I need to be ready for anything.

11 North Pearl in Albany, NY is in an urban area in a beautiful old bank. It is hip and makes for great street scenes.  I love it!  The light is very low and the surrounding areas and it is in the middle of a city.  So you need different equipment and approach the photographs in the correct manner.  On the other side of the coin is the Albany Country Club in Voorheesville, NY it is a beautiful country club just outside Albany, NY.  There is a lot of light with beautiful grounds and flowers that are second to none.  The look is totally different but equally wonderful.  The Capital District in New York is one of the most varied places I know off.

Your photographer will be one of the most important parts of your day. In many instances, the planning takes place nearly a year or more in advance and when the day is through it’ll seem like it only took a moment to live through.

But, when all the food is gone, the flowers are long dead, and the dress preserved – your pictures will serve as the memories you remember, have forgotten or never experienced. I cannot express how important it is to choose the photographer that fits your style and personality, because it’s through this medium that you will remember your special day.

If your preferred style is formal/posed, than you should commission a photographer that excels with this type of portraiture. If you like a fine art approach, then you should commission a photographer who excels at a fine art approach. To ask one photographer to duplicate the style of another is pointless because you will not be happy with the final result or with the photographer.

  • Traditional – We are proficient at capturing posed shots so that they do not look posed.
  • Documentary – We tell a story from beginning to end. They will often take a picture of a shoe, or an earring. We will capture the entire story from beginning to end.
  • Photojournalist – A true photojournalist excels at capturing emotion on film. It’s a newspaper style. They are able to get emotion out of the moment. The style is very hands off. If you like we can do that for you.
  • Fine art –You can have the option of taking some or all of your wedding on film. (Although very low light is better done digitally)  Film has such a creamy, but sharp look.  Wonderful for skin tones !

Along with the style, the personality of the photographer is extremely important. Feeling comfortable with your photographer is important, not only for great pictures but also for a good experience.  But having a photographer that can shot under any condition, rain, time constants, venues and the bride and grooms style is the single most important you need in a photographer.  Let Aperture Photography deliver for you.