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We Photograph beautiful Weddings in the  Albany, Catskills, Hunter, Windham Mountain.  Aperture Photography Professionial Wedding Photographer. We also  serve the Hudson Valley |Albany | Poughkeepsie | Catskills | Kingston | Upstate, NY | ph # 518-678-0176 | email:

Enjoying the moment | Aperture Photography Albany NY Wedding Photographer

Bride and Groom Relaxed while taking Wedding Photos Being invited wedding it is such a huge honor. To be present experiencing two people who are deeply in love with each other make a bond that will last the rest of their lives. They are inviting you to witness their most special day. In this day in age with modern technology and people trying to take pictures , videos with their phones, I pads etc. and devices of all kind.  It seems hard to  really focus on just enjoy the moment and feel the emotion that is going happening right now.  The moment.  With on line galleries and social media let the photographer handle the photography. People should just focus on being really present and watching the most special bond be created between two people occur, not worrying about getting the perfect shot, that’s what the photographer is there for. The beauty of the wedding is being there, being in that moment and having tears of joy or a smile on your face knowing that their life is now an inseparable bond.  A wedding is a day for enjoying laughs and smiling and positive emotions not stressing about getting that perfect shot with your phones or cameras, leave that up to the photographer, just enjoy yourself and that special occasion.


Mountain Bless at the Full Moon Resort | Aperture Photography

Near Sunset at the Full Moon Resort The Full Moon Resort Acres and Acres of absolute beauty that theyare sure bet to take your breath away and soak you into pure bliss on your perfect and special day. Barns, Cabins and and the wonderful Roadhouse make endless resources for pleasure. Aperture photography loves shooting at The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian NY because there are so many wonderful locations to shoot at. It possess big beautiful trails where the weeping willows meet the Esopus creek for miles as well as the splendid hills and mountains making photography a pure pleasure. The Full Moon Resort also holds many events year round and has a lot to offer you as well. Aperture Photography loves this location because of the pure aura of beauty and natural touch of nature. So if your looking for a perfect location to hold your wedding then The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian resort is the place for you and Aperture Photography would absolutely love to be with you on your perfect day. Give us a call @ 518-678-0176 or email us:


Weddings at the Glen Sanders Mansion | Schenectady, NY

Aperture Photography had the honor of photographing another wedding at The Glen Sanders Mansion in Schenectady, NY just a few miles from Albany, NY.  The Glen Sanders is a historic gem.  But unlike many historic venues it is perfect for a wedding in 2014.  The  staff is incredible.  The lake in the back of the property is a photographic delight. Aperture Photography has photographed 7 weddings at the Glen Sanders in the last 2 years.  What I find amazing is it looks great in every season.  If you would like Aperture Photography to photograph you Glen Sanders Manson Aperture Photography will be willing to discount our price.  

Aperture Photography at the Glen Sanders Mansion in late Fall

Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photography by Aperture Photography


Wedding Story Telling | Aperture Photography Albany, Upstate, Poughkeepsie Wedding Photographer

The Start of a wonderful Adventure Stating  with the obvious Aperture Photography photographs weddings we are photographers after all.  But our wedding photography is all about telling the story of the wedding and loved ones.  I am a lover of fine movies.  I feel that you can tell a story of the couple and loved ones that will grow in value every day.  I look at my wedding album and  pictures and see all the faces of the people I love.  I see my beautiful wife who gets more beautiful everyday and understand what this busy hectic life is all about. Some of the people at the wedding have passed. I am so happy to see them and I think for hours about the love, the times together and our history.  Please visit us at

I see the beauty of my bride and cannot believe how lucky I am to have " married up ".  I think of the three children  we have and the joy they give me.  Living history, beauty and joy.  Not just a collection of wedding story, but a story of a collection of family, friends and love.

This brings me to the importance of having a wedding photographer like Aperture Photography document your life.

We are a business, but more importantly we have a passion to give our brides and grooms and families with a beginning, a story a history.  I really mean it when I say " It is more important than the money to me "

Aperture Photography wedding photographer will travel anywhere to give you the story of your day.  we are base in the Hudson Valley and photograph weddings in the Albany, Upstate, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill and are minutes from most locations in the Catskill Mountains.  Hunter, Windham and Mohonk are close by and we know them well.



State Sreet in Albany NY | by Aperture Photography

Wedding Photographer near Albany NY Aperture Photography

Downtown Albany NY is architecture is perfect for Aperture Photography Albany NY Wedding Photographer.  A 20 minute walk around the Capital building will provide you with wedding photographs that appear you photographed them in the cities in Europe.  It is just a matter of knowing how to use the majestic pillars and Gray Stone Building. Right next store is the egg.  Aperture Photography knows how to bring the best out of this overlooked beautiful Gem !  Contact Wedding Photographer in Albany New York, Aperture Photography.  Please visit our wedding web site Aperture Photography

Kingston NY Wedding Photographer | At the Train

If you look around  the wonderful Hudson Valley there are endless backdrops for great wedding photography. All you have to do is keep you creative eyes open.  This Train photograph idea happened on the way to the New York State Thruway.  I drove from Saugerties to Kingston and as I got off the interstate I  saw the wonderful restored train car.  It's brilliant red color in the autumn sun made this location a must.  The bride and groom were so nice that they indulged my idea and we had fun.  They are such a creative couple.  Creativity to me is just seeing and being open to opportunities that are everywhere.   Couples think the have to go to famous out of the way places for there photographs.  That is fine, but great photographs are everywhere !  Contact Aperture Photography and let us create our unique wedding collection.  Visit Aperture Photography Weddings at Kingston, NY

Aperture Photography Kingston, NY Wedding Photographer | The Twin Lakes Resort

Just wanted to post a a quick post of a wedding Aperture Photography just photographed at the Twin Lakes Resort in Kingston, NY.  The bride and her niece just melted me.  The Twin Lakes Resort looked great.  Thanks to the wonderful staff. They were perfect ! After the Ceremony at the Twin Lakes Resort in Kingston, NY

Fireworks at the Glen Sanders Mansion near Schenectady | Aperture Photography Wedding Photographer

Fireworks topped off a grand wedding at the Glen Sanders Mansion Sunday near Schenectady, Albany and Troy.  Thanks to the couple their family and the great Sally Carpenter Portrait Photographer and Artist, also mother of the groom for having Aperture Photography photograph their wedding. also the good people at the Glen Sanders Mansion. Check out Sally's work it is amazing and world famous work.

Here is Aperture Photography's Firework Shot Below

The end of a beautiful wedding. Aperture Photography


Aperture Photography Photographs a Wedding on a perfect day at the incredible Rhinecliff

I wish I had time to write about how perfect the couple, The Rhinecliff and the day was.  I was amazed how beautiful it was.  Aperture Photography has photographed many weddings at the Rhinecliff and what amazes me is the perfect light.  Sunny or Cloudy the angle and Hudson River make it a dream for photography.  Love it !  Visit there site and Aperture Photography  for some information and photographs. Amazing Couple and Venue

Aperture Photography Rhinecliff  Rhinebeck Wedding Photographer

Aperture Photography Rhinecliff Wedding Photographer

August Wedding Photography|Aperture Photography

This August has been incredible !  Very Very Busy !   5 more weddings to go this month. Thank you !  The incredible heat of July really calmed down.  I got to photograph in some wonderful venues from New York to Vermont,  Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Kingston, West Point, Vermont, Albany.  I will be in Rhinebeck then up to Saratoga in the next few days.  The wedding really looked great, I love staying busy.  It keeps me sharp.  Aperture Photography has some days left this year and is well into booking 2014.  Call or e-mail today.  We would love to photograph your wedding.  Perhaps design you a beautiful album. Brides Maid in Upstate, NY


The Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie, NY