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Wedding at the West Hills Country Club in Middletown NY | Aperture Photography


Last weekend The West Hills Country Club was the location of a wonderful wedding.  With its perfect lush grounds and waterfalls I had the opportunity to really create.  the light was soft and the Bride was beautiful.  This wedding was so important to me.  It was the second daughter I had the privilege to photograph and I have really become found of the whole family.  Middletown, NY has really grown and is becoming a hot area to live, work and get married.  Aperture Photography has been photographing wedding there for 20 years and it has never been better.  It's great to be a wedding photographer when you have such loyal and special customers.

Take a look at some of the photographs we enjoyed.  A special thanks to Mallory Mayer Events Manager at The West Hills Country Club.  She can really put on a great wedding.

Weddings shot on Medium Format Film simply beautiful !

A 105 degree day July day at the Catlin Gardens at Rock Hill.  

Wedding shot on film. Belvedere Mansion



I was a film shooter for 15 years.  I shot hundreds of weddings with film. I then when digital.  Don't get me wrong digitals cameras are great. It is perfect, in fact too perfect.. The more I shoot film now, the more I realized that  I love it.  I love the colors that I get with film. The skin tones are just smooth and flattering.  Perfect for weddings and brides just love it.  The dreamy look is so amazing.  Films like Kodak Portra and Fuji 400H films are Professional films make for only one purpose. To make people look great !

Shooting film makes you slow down and carefully compose.  It costs me from $ 2 to $3 per shot I must craft each shot.  That is a positive.  Digital has advantages in low light and looks good even in a dark reception.

Film is used in many celebrity weddings.  Most Hollywood films are shot on film due to the wide tonal range.  It then can be digitized with great detail.

Do a web search on Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina and you will see what I mean.


Aperture Photography shoots film and digital weddings.  Also a mix of both.  Contact us at or Call us at 518-678-0176.

Aperture Photography serves the entire Hudson Valley including Albany and Saratoga.

New Techniques to bring out Beautiful Photographs | Aperture Photography Hudson Valley and Upstate NY

Full-Moon-Weeding-Photographers-Aperture-Photography Albany Wedding Photographers Aperture Photography


The weather changes everyday it seems.  Nothing you can do about it. But it is Aperture Photography's job to get the best out of each day.  I have studied for over 20 years.  Recently I came up with some Camera/Photoshop techniques to get the most of out of whatever the Northeast weather brings.  I have studied and learned a micro contrast  method and tried it for the last 2 months and it has brought a new level of excellence to Aperture Photography.  Let us use all are hard work to make you wedding photographs beautiful.  Weddings are to important left to part time novice photographers. Call Aperture Photography to talk about your wedding.  We will always work with you in anyway.

Swarmed by Paparazzi on their wedding day! | Wedding Photographers Aperture Photography Kingston, Saugerties, Poughkeepsie

Albany, Pougkeepsie Wedding Photographer Aperture Photographers Great Wedding Photographers  must have a balanced approach. The bride and groom cannot be  swarmed by paparazzi  wedding photographers on their wedding day! A balance must be struck by getting all the photographs to document the wedding perfectly and making sure the wedding is about them. So  you must be a into  photojournalism a bit of   traditional photography for family group shots and editorial photographer for great fashion and wow shots.  Balance is the key. Aperture Photography photographs weddings throughout the Hudson Valley, including Saratoga Springs, Albany, Saugerties, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Catskills, Westchester and NYC.

Aperture Photography Wedding Photography at the Catling Gardens in Slate Hill, NY

Special Promotion. Aperture Photography Hudson Valley Wedding Photography is offering 10 % off all wedding photography at the Catling Gardens at . A beautiful place and love the gardens it is located near Middletown in Slate Hill, NY.  Contact us today at and just click on the contact form. Aperture Photography Hudson valley Wedding Photographer


Albums now on Sale ! 15 % off | Wedding Photography and Albums by Aperture Photography

I have been married to the most wonderful person for more than 2 decades.  I would give every cent I have to have my wedding photographs back.  Through the years we have had fires, and floods and many priceless photographs were destroyed.  In those days there were no digital cameras.  The safety of digital files provide is truly priceless.  But think about having the person who took the pictures design the album and they will make sure it is done with the same artfulness and intention that the photos were taken with. That being said a beautiful album really is stunning and a joy to look at.  A work of art.  Think about it, you can look at the “Mona Lisa” on your computer or you can look at it in physical form.  Well you get the idea.  You are missing out if you do not get a beautifully professionally designed album with the best photographic paper.  Sure it cost money, but you will have a lasting heirloom of the most important day of your life.

Save some money in your budget for a beautiful wedding album.  It is a great time for couples you can now have both!  Aperture Photography can work with you to give you the best of both at an affordable price.

Aperture Photography's Albums are now on Sale !

Fine Leather and the Best Photographic Papers



A More Pure form of Wedding Photography | Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography

In the last few posts I have been writing about photoshop and trick shots.  Here are some examples of a more pure form that I prefer.  Don't get me wrong I shoot for the bride and groom and shoot in a style they prefer.  I would just like to contrast the threads a bit.  To all you football fans.  Have fun Sunday ! Now this cake is beautiful.  From the Red Maple in West Park




The Big Storm would not have even slowed the Monster Truck|Aperture Photography Upstate Wedding Photographer

Getting ready for the big storm and wedding photography is all I can think of.  I am editing the weddings and uploading to the lab 24 hours a day.  Who knows how long the power will be out.  I hate my customers to wait so I will work until the wind blows the power lines down.  As a Hudson Valley and Catskills Wedding Photographer I know how brutal the weather can be.  Take a look at the monster truck from the Sunny Hill Resort in Greenville, NY.  I may need it.Aperture Photography at the Sunny Hill Resort in Greenville, NY

Catskills Wedding Photography|Aperture Photography at The Full Moon Resort

I can really understand why couples have their wedding in the Catskill Mountains.   The locations and feel on Big Indian where the Full Moon Resort is, Hunter Mountain, Mohonk Mountain House and Windham have a totally different feel.  The relaxed stress free environment leads to great weddings and great photography.  Don't get me wrong I love urban and semi urban weddings just as much, but they are so different. After all variety is the piece of life.  I have been featured in major magazine's for my wedding photography street scenes in Albany, NY, Rhinebeck, Kingston and New York City. It must be the remote mountain location, and quite surroundings.  I just wanted to share some photos of a wonderful Catskill Mountain Wedding with you.

Aperture Photography Albany, NY Wedding Photographer and Photojournalism

Nowadays, the most popular approach to wedding photography is as the name speaks for itself.  Photojournalism is based on documentation. It tells the story of the wedding day through photographs. Wedding photojournalism takes its roots from news photography, the area in which it started to flourish after compact cameras and fine quality films were introduced in the early 1970's.

Even in the past, many photographers appreciated the beauty of capturing the flow of events, rather then recreating them; however, the limitations of 35mm fast film quality and equipment prevented them from making photojournalism the primary style until the early 1990's. Taking portraits without the subjects being aware is the main goal of any photojournalist. A true photojournalist blends with the crowd and documents events as they unfold. His pictures document emotions, the real expressions, the happiness and joy. Unlike formal portraits and posed candids taken in the traditional manner, photojournalistic photos reflect fleeting, unposed moments that convey the emotions of the day.   Overall, photojournalism produces an intimate and artistic take on the wedding. Photojournalism captures the real thing, the true spirit of the wedding. The pictures are not corrected, recreated, staged or posed. There is no prepared shot list. If something is missed, it is gone. For a photographer, the Wedding day it is like a sheet of canvas. It is a visual artist - the way it captures your wedding day is the way you will remember it for the rest of your life.