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We Photograph beautiful Weddings in the  Albany, Catskills, Hunter, Windham Mountain.  Aperture Photography Professionial Wedding Photographer. We also  serve the Hudson Valley |Albany | Poughkeepsie | Catskills | Kingston | Upstate, NY | ph # 518-678-0176 | email:

Mountain Bless at the Full Moon Resort | Aperture Photography

Near Sunset at the Full Moon Resort The Full Moon Resort Acres and Acres of absolute beauty that theyare sure bet to take your breath away and soak you into pure bliss on your perfect and special day. Barns, Cabins and and the wonderful Roadhouse make endless resources for pleasure. Aperture photography loves shooting at The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian NY because there are so many wonderful locations to shoot at. It possess big beautiful trails where the weeping willows meet the Esopus creek for miles as well as the splendid hills and mountains making photography a pure pleasure. The Full Moon Resort also holds many events year round and has a lot to offer you as well. Aperture Photography loves this location because of the pure aura of beauty and natural touch of nature. So if your looking for a perfect location to hold your wedding then The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian resort is the place for you and Aperture Photography would absolutely love to be with you on your perfect day. Give us a call @ 518-678-0176 or email us:


Fall the new wedding season | Aperture Photography Washingtonville, Upstate NY Wedding Photographer

Over the last 20 years the busiest season has moved to September and October.  Sure Summer is still busy, but Fall is now the Upstate, NY and the Northeast USA go to season. The cooler weather, Fall foliage or generally hotter summers has changed the way people plan. The Hudson Valley is the greatest place It is known for beautiful Falls and great refreshing days.  I still love the summer weddings and just did 4 in a row with heat indexes of over 100 degrees and the photographs look great. What a Great Day !  Just Wonderful.  Stone Ridge and New Paltz

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Aperture Photography Weddings in the Forrest near Hunter and Windham Mountain

The Hunter Ski slopes are beautiful.  But, people miss out on the surroundings areas.  The Wood lands are out of a Disney movie.  The waterfalls are world famous.  All minutes from the famous ski slopes of Hunter and Windham.  This location is 5 minutes from the Copper Tree Inn in Hunter, NY. The Forrest of the Catskills, Near Hunter Mountain and the Coppertree Inn in Hunter, NY

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In a very price driven market photography should be a good value.  Aperture Photography will be sure to give you great value and affordable wedding photography.  But be careful not to sacrifice quality.  Wedding Photography takes many years to master.   Even great portrait photographers who are world famous will not do weddings.  Yes, a friend or a relative may have shot some good landscapes or can snap some nice shots when the pressure is off.  This often leads to disappointment and hard feelings.  Let the friends and family enjoy the wedding.  Let Aperture Photography provide you with the irreplaceable memories at a reasonable cost.

A More Pure form of Wedding Photography | Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography

In the last few posts I have been writing about photoshop and trick shots.  Here are some examples of a more pure form that I prefer.  Don't get me wrong I shoot for the bride and groom and shoot in a style they prefer.  I would just like to contrast the threads a bit.  To all you football fans.  Have fun Sunday ! Now this cake is beautiful.  From the Red Maple in West Park




It is ok not to be a totally photo-journistic wedding photographer ? Sure it is !

Some Wedding Photographers have a hard time with input from anyone.  They like to say that my style is this or that and will not deviate from an artistic dogma.

Aperture Photography has an editorial style with a mix of photojournalism mixed in.  We would prefer not to set up to many shots, but what counts in the end is the Bride and Groom.  They must be happy and yes, " it is all about them" !

I was looking at some different so called "pure photojournalistic" wedding photographers Most of the pictures are posed. The photographer told the bride and groom what to do. To kiss or not. The fire , clouds and who know what was added and edited in Photoshop.

True photo-journalistic wedding shots are those which are caught without the bride and groom knowing someone took their shot.   Although I would like to shoot some weddings in the pure form it is just not what most couples want and need. Couples want current style and formal shots and some shots there friends had at there wedding mixed in with candid photojournalistic shots.  I just got an e-mail from a bride, and it ad dozens of set up shots with the typical groomsman holding the bride in the air and every trick shot.  Though not my taste I will study the shots sent to me and  give the nice couple what they want.  I will mix in some my unique style to balance out the photograph.

l think it will be fun and accept the challenge of photographing a wedding outside of my style.  I will knock it out of the park too.

Aperture Photography photographs weddings in the Westchester. Poughkeepsie, Albany and Hudson Valley Area.  It is a diverse client base.



Albany NY Wedding by Aperture Photography | You never know when a great photograph my happen

Sometimes you just need to be ready for anything.  I was at the back of the church in Albany, NY with a long lense and tring to be quit.  Suddenly this young boy darted out of the 2nd row a I snapped the shot.  The receiption was a the Copper Tree Inn at Hunter Mountain.  Aperture Photography has photographed dozens of weddings in the Hunter, Windam area and love the light and mountain air. Aperture Photography Engagements Sessions Mid-Town Manhattan


Winter Weddings in the Hudson Valley and Catskills | Aperture Photography

Great snow this year and it makes for wonderful winter wedding photography.  Contact us at Aperture Photography and let us capture your wedding.

Saugerties Lighthouse on perfect day !|Aperture Photography Saugerties Wedding Photographer