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Fireworks at the Glen Sanders Mansion near Schenectady | Aperture Photography Wedding Photographer

Fireworks topped off a grand wedding at the Glen Sanders Mansion Sunday near Schenectady, Albany and Troy.  Thanks to the couple their family and the great Sally Carpenter Portrait Photographer and Artist, also mother of the groom for having Aperture Photography photograph their wedding. also the good people at the Glen Sanders Mansion. Check out Sally's work it is amazing and world famous work.

Here is Aperture Photography's Firework Shot Below

The end of a beautiful wedding. Aperture Photography


Weddings on Film | Aperture Photography Kingston, NY

In the digital age 95-99 % of all weddings are shot with digital cameras.  On the most part you can get very good results.  At receptions that are dark they are the way to go.  But for the very best results with subtle tones and fantastic skin tones Medium format cameras with portrait film is just beautiful.  Yes it costs more, but you will look great !  The film was designed to make people look great.  Digital cameras are generally make for general use.  99% of all Hollywood movies are shot on film, not digital.  Why, more latitude more subtle colors.  To be perfectly honest much better quality.  Look at a Jose Villa or Elisabeth Messina's work and you will see the beauty of film.  Treat yourself with some film shots in your wedding and you will treasure them.  Almost all actresses insist there weddings are shot on film. You are worth it too !