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Views on Candid Wedding Photography from an Albany Area Wedding Photographer

Candid wedding shots are relaxed and informal, but can be of the highest artistic style.  They are photojournalistic in nature, and if done correctly show emotion, joy and true feeling photography feelings like no other type of shot.

Many photographers use the word candid and “photo-journalistic “to cover up poor lighting and composition.  There shots are mere snapshots not all that different then an amateur takes.  Great care must be taken with the choice of lenses and the ability to capture light and compose in a manner that brings the moment to light.  It takes many years to be able to anticipate the moment and record the split second emotion.  Yes is very important to document the events of the day that are obvious, but what makes great wedding photography is the addition of the stolen moment, the fraction of time where true feelings reveled to me that is priceless.  Very few people can capture a candid well.