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Aperture Photography Albany and Saratoga Wedding Photographer|I can now call myself a Published Author

featured-member-aperture-photography-01 Well......Life will take a turn or two.  I have two articles published in Photography trade journals.  I guess it's true if you do something you have a passion for you end up being very good at it.  The next one will be in the fall.  These articles were intended for professional photographers, but I thought I would share them with you.  This one is from Photographers SEO.

The Wedding industry is an ever changing industry.  I have had a successful business for 20 years.  But very little about the business is the same. The equipment in my case has gone from Mamiya RZ67 to Canon digital and if I am lucky my beloved Contax 645.  I must admit I love film and the great skin tones and work flow, but it is expensive and in a poor economy many people will just not pay the price.

The biggest change I have seen is the transition from a local brick and mortar yellow page film based industry to a digital web based business.  The other big change is the amount of people in the industry.  Many of the people are great photographers and many are much lower skilled people looking to make a few dollars.  In the last few years I have come to the conclusion that half of the business is the art of photography and the other half is SEO and the developing of a sound SEO plan.  Since I shoot weddings in from NYC, Poughkeepsie and the entire Hudson Valley and Catskills all the way up the Hudson Valley to Saratoga and Albany, NY and everything within 500 miles.  I have to market to a wide range of people.  It is very expense. Aperture spends about 25 % of every dollar getting the word out.  But, I love what I do and know to follow my passion.  As the customers realize that new semi pro or weekend photographers offer poor quality and little value, in the long run, the investment hopefully will pay off.  I hope so for the bride and groom, sake.  The deserve the best on there wedding day.


I was slow to pick up on the importance of SEO.  I was under the false conclusion that it was all about great photographs.  Don’t get me wrong great photography is key and you owe it to your customers.  But I also know if I want continued success I had to join seo-for photographers.  I need to rank high to get more people to view my site .  With the ever growing completion it is plain to see you must take care of the marketing side.