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The Beauty of Wedding Photography on Film | Kingston, Saugerties, Woodstock, Albany, Saratoga and Pougkeepsie Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography

I recently added a Contax 645 medium format film camera to my family of Canon digitals and I am in love. I have shot with film for the first 10 + years and love the look. The film that Kodak and Fuji has now is so wonderful.  The skin tones are simply wonderful.  People look flawless.  Some films are designed to do just that. Other scenes have a dream like quality. I love with the process of shooting film. It makes you slow down and really think about each frame you shoot. And something about that feels so artful. I missed shooting film and the soft pastel colors and wonderful skin tones it brings. It bring a that joy and excitement back.   I’m also learning to be patient. Digital is all about instant gratification. I can view it immediately; download my cards as soon as I get home, upload files asap. Film is a bit of a waiting game and I’m trying to be a bit more zen about the process. Because in reality, a week and a half after I’d sent my film to the lab I don’t even remember what’s on it. Getting those images back will be like a little surprise.  The beauty is priceless.

There is a big demand for film Wedding Photography in the NYC, Kingston Woodstock, and Saugerties, NY area.  It seems that anyone who is in the arts loves the skin tones and subtle details.

I have a big advantage in that I know how to shoot film and live in an area with many people who are actors and artists.  They insist that a lot of their work is done on film.  Although it cost a bit more it is worth it.