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Catskills, Hunter Mountain, Windham Mountain Wedding Photographer | Aperture Photography

Fall Wedding at Windham Mountain.  A Windham Mountain Wedding possesses so much majestic beauty to it, an aura of astounding wonder. It’s one of the premier locations for weddings in the Hudson Valley. There is so much to offer, from restaurants to tourist destinations as well sightseeing. The fall foliage is worldwide recognized in the Hudson valley. People from all different countries love to come view the all the different autumn colors and Windham Mountain is one those locations to see it all. Aperture Photography absolutely loves the fall, there are so many wonderful pictures taken because the background of the fall foliage there is simply none better. So if you choose a wedding in the fall, then please consider having it up in Windham Mountain, you truly will be glad you did. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to have your special day occur. Aperture Photography has done many fall weddings as well as in Windham Mountain so you can be certain that you are in good hands. So if you’re looking for a fall wedding to have give Aperture Photography a call at: 518-678-0176 or email us at: or visit our website at: We would love to be a part of your most precious day. Ceromony photo on the Mountain

Groom portrait at Windham Moutain NY

Wedding  Photos on Windham Mountain NY

Fall Wedding Photo in the Catskills

Wedding Photo on a Catskill Mountain Ski Slope.

Hunter Mountain Wedding Photography | Memories of the Catskills

roup photo of a Wedding near Hunter MountainHunter, Tannersville, Round Top, Big Indian and Windham Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography  

It is great to be a wedding photographer.  Aperture Photography knows that a wedding is the most important day of your life. It is a day to cherish the individual that you’re going to have an unbreakable bond for the rest of your life. You’ll have your closest friends and family members to share this most special day. Great wedding photography captures all the memories and  feelings all the emotions rush back to you.  Ay ts a family record you can share and talk about the day with your children and grandchildren for years to come.  I am getting ready for a Hunter Mountain Wedding Photography at the Cooper Tree Inn and I remind my self why it is so important to be at my very best.

This is why Aperture Photography absolutely loves photographing weddings because there are so many unique and beautiful shots that happen on Wedding day. May it be a spectacular picture of a couple with beautiful mountains in the background or a beautiful picture by the lake or on top of hill surrounding the area, the opportunities for majestic pictures are endless.

The Catskills and the Hudson valley are some of the most beautiful areas in this world and having your wedding here would be one the smartest and best ideas you could make. You will fall in love with the area and its aura of beauty. Aperture Photography knows the Catskills and Hudson Valley so very well, we have done hundreds of weddings in this area and we can make your magical day even that much better. So if your looking to have your wedding in the Catskills and the Hudson Valley then give us a call, we would love to be a part of your most special day

Wedding Photography at Windham Mountain | A Photographers Playground

Wedding photo at Windham Mountain in the Catskills Wedding Photography at Windham Mountain is just a pleasure.  A Beautiful place for the most important day of your life. Aperture Photography has photographed many weddings at the Windham Mountain Resort. The Windham Mountain Resort is quite possibly the most beautiful serene location you will find. If you want a perfect location to capture your beautiful day than why not choose the Windham Mountain Resort. It’s a no brainier.  As a wedding photographer I can say without question the photographs will be magic.  The mountains are breathtaking.  There are so many opportunities to capture that perfect moment in a beautiful setting. The area around Windham Mountain Resort also has a lot to offer, they have many lodging accommodations like the Winwood Inn or the Base Lodge. The area also has some great eats like The Legends Bar & Grill or The Wunderbar Café. There are also great ski & stay packages and activities like the zipline. So if your looking for a beautiful and fun location for your wedding and wedding photography than Windham Mountain Resort has got it all.  Aperture Photography would love photograph mountain wedding. Give us a call @ 518-678-0176 or Email us:

Mountain Bless at the Full Moon Resort | Aperture Photography

Near Sunset at the Full Moon Resort The Full Moon Resort Acres and Acres of absolute beauty that theyare sure bet to take your breath away and soak you into pure bliss on your perfect and special day. Barns, Cabins and and the wonderful Roadhouse make endless resources for pleasure. Aperture photography loves shooting at The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian NY because there are so many wonderful locations to shoot at. It possess big beautiful trails where the weeping willows meet the Esopus creek for miles as well as the splendid hills and mountains making photography a pure pleasure. The Full Moon Resort also holds many events year round and has a lot to offer you as well. Aperture Photography loves this location because of the pure aura of beauty and natural touch of nature. So if your looking for a perfect location to hold your wedding then The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian resort is the place for you and Aperture Photography would absolutely love to be with you on your perfect day. Give us a call @ 518-678-0176 or email us:


The Mohonk Mountain House a priceless treasure and Wedding Destination | Aperture Photography

Wedding photo at he Mohonk Mountain House

Aperture Photography Wedding Photographer at The Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk Mountain House: A marvel of the victorian age. Mohonk Mountain House is a perfect location to event your spectacular wedding day. Nestled in the Shawangunk Mountains, the view is simply remarkable, the beauty of it will capture you.  Aperture Photography has photographed many weddings at the Mohonk Mountain House because there are so many opportunities for beautiful pictures. Its one of our favorite venues and for good reason.  From the beautiful mountain lake to the gorgeous gardens that are perfectly landscaped. A perfect wedding awaits you at the Mohonk Mountain house and Aperture photography Hudson Valley wedding photographer would love to be with you on your wonderful and joyous day. Visit our web site at or give us a call today: 518-678-0176 or Email us:

Wedding Photos at Hunter Mountain | Aperture Photography

  Wedding Photography by Aperture Photography

Hunter Mountain is an excellent place to have your truly extraordinary wedding held. Aperture Photography loves to shoot weddings in Hunter Mountain because of the majestic beauty the area possesses giving endless opportunities for breathtaking photography. Hunter Mountain is a very popular destination for many couples. With the lush grass and amazing view you can’t go wrong. Hunter Mountain also has wonderful restaurants as well as hotels. During the winter the immensely popular skiing trails are open. Hunter Mountain also holds annual events as well. So if your looking for an ideal place for your wedding than look no further than Hunter Mountain and Aperture Photography would love to be with you on your spectacular day. Give us a call: 518-678-0176 or email us at:

The Mohonk Mountain House in the quiet of Winter | Aperture Photography | A Different Look

Photograph of the different view of The Mohonk Mountain House I have been the owner photographer at Aperture Photography for over 20 years.  It can be a busy hectic life.  Busy days. tight schedule and crowed venues are the norm.  This year I am taking a fresh look at my favorite venues.  The preparation I do now will surely serve my customers well.

I am visiting the wonderful wedding venues during quiet times and looking for opportunities to add some fresh perceptive to my wedding photography.  The Mohonk Mountain House is always a joy.  It is one of the most remarkable venues " dare I say in the world".  I also love the staff.  They treat everyone so well.  Even the vendors.

The picture above is not the typical photograph I will be taking at The Mohonk Mountain House.  But as I walk the grounds of these remarkable venues I will see photographs that I never have seen before.  Along with the photographs I take now, I will give my customers new and exciting looks at already spectacular places.

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