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We Photograph beautiful Weddings in the  Albany, Catskills, Hunter, Windham Mountain.  Aperture Photography Professionial Wedding Photographer. We also  serve the Hudson Valley |Albany | Poughkeepsie | Catskills | Kingston | Upstate, NY | ph # 518-678-0176 | email:

Weddings at the Glen Sanders Mansion | Schenectady, NY

Aperture Photography had the honor of photographing another wedding at The Glen Sanders Mansion in Schenectady, NY just a few miles from Albany, NY.  The Glen Sanders is a historic gem.  But unlike many historic venues it is perfect for a wedding in 2014.  The  staff is incredible.  The lake in the back of the property is a photographic delight. Aperture Photography has photographed 7 weddings at the Glen Sanders in the last 2 years.  What I find amazing is it looks great in every season.  If you would like Aperture Photography to photograph you Glen Sanders Manson Aperture Photography will be willing to discount our price.  

Aperture Photography at the Glen Sanders Mansion in late Fall

Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photography by Aperture Photography


Late November Wedding Photography near the Capital Region Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Colonie and Saratoga

Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Colonie, Saratoga and the surrounding areas are just perfect any time of year.  But late in the year the light and the weather make it very special.  The light and the changeable lighting often make for  dramatic photographs. further north more often then not there is snow on the ground.  People love San Diego or California for the weather.  I Love the Capital District and Hudson Valley for the drama and amazing possibilities.   Contact Aperture Photography today and book your Capital Region Wedding Today, Aperture Photography Albany

Wedding Photography| Ulster County | Kingston | NY | Sisters |

I am very grateful to know a wonderful family with 2 sisters and a brother.  Although, I just meet the brother last weekend I have photographed the sisters for senior portraits.  I also have two sisters so I understand the dynamics of sisters.  I love French impressionistic paintings.  A common theme is sisters.  Seeing these beautiful young ladies remind me of the master works of the 1880's.  Aperture Photography photographed this wedding is in Ulster County in Upstate, NY, but some of the picture bring me back to a very different time.  There beauty and grace was inspiring.  I will be working on bringing out the incredible beauty of the sisters and the entire wonderful wedding. The special bond between sisters. Beauty Lady's both inside and out !


State Sreet in Albany NY | by Aperture Photography

Wedding Photographer near Albany NY Aperture Photography

Downtown Albany NY is architecture is perfect for Aperture Photography Albany NY Wedding Photographer.  A 20 minute walk around the Capital building will provide you with wedding photographs that appear you photographed them in the cities in Europe.  It is just a matter of knowing how to use the majestic pillars and Gray Stone Building. Right next store is the egg.  Aperture Photography knows how to bring the best out of this overlooked beautiful Gem !  Contact Wedding Photographer in Albany New York, Aperture Photography.  Please visit our wedding web site Aperture Photography

Aperture Photography |Hunter, Windham NY Wedding Photographer

Although, I spent a lot of time photographing weddings throughout Upstate, NY and New York City,  I just love the mountains of the Catskills and Adirondacks along  with locations like the Mohonk Mountain House, The Full Moon Resort and Onteora Mountain house, The small villages of the mountains have such charm.  They have wonderful mountain light and the old buildings are decorated beautifully.  This is a shot from a wedding in the village of Tannersville, near the Hunter Mountain Ski Resort. The beautiful Mountain Villages of the Catskill Mountains of Upstate, NY

Aperture Photography | Wedding Photographer at the Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, NY

Woodstock NY Wedding Photography by Aperture Photography There is a special charm to a Barn Wedding,


New Techniques to bring out Beautiful Photographs | Aperture Photography Hudson Valley and Upstate NY

Full-Moon-Weeding-Photographers-Aperture-Photography Albany Wedding Photographers Aperture Photography


The weather changes everyday it seems.  Nothing you can do about it. But it is Aperture Photography's job to get the best out of each day.  I have studied for over 20 years.  Recently I came up with some Camera/Photoshop techniques to get the most of out of whatever the Northeast weather brings.  I have studied and learned a micro contrast  method and tried it for the last 2 months and it has brought a new level of excellence to Aperture Photography.  Let us use all are hard work to make you wedding photographs beautiful.  Weddings are to important left to part time novice photographers. Call Aperture Photography to talk about your wedding.  We will always work with you in anyway.

Aperture Photography Wedding Photographer | Upstate NY Wedding Photographer

Aperture Photography Wedding Photographer  

Most weddings, of course, provide wedding group photos, often Formal wedding portraits. The approach of Aperture Photography's style of  photojournalism  wedding photographers that these are typically less staged and stiff shots.  You need  to stage some shots but only  five to 10 percent of the entire coverage.  As wedding photojournalists commonly use an on-camera flash or take the portraits outside instead of using elaborate lighting set-ups for these portraits.  Our goal is images are captured spontaneously.  Aperture Photography is available for fine  artful wedding photography in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Albany, Poughkeepsie and throughout upstate NY.

Aperture Photography Wedding Photographers|United States Military Academy - West Point, New York

West Point I will be photographing a wedding at West Point.  No place is like it. The Cadet Chapel is majestic and the Old Cadet Chapel brings you back in time. The Cadet Chapel and It's views that are incredible and history that fills volumes of books and basically tells the story of our country.  Photography at a West Point Wedding is a more formal affair with time and conduct. strict codes of t than most weddings, but at the reception the Cadets can really cut it loose.  The locations overlooking the Hudson take your breath away.

The reception will be at The Thayer Hotel.  Although I have shoot many wedding at West Point I still get butterflies when I go through the gates.

Hunter Mountain Wedding Photography|Cooper Tree Hunter, NY

Aperture Photography will be spending a lot of time this fall in the Catskills including Hunter, NY, Windham, NY and Big Indian, NY.  We also have a few trips to the Mohonk Mountain House.  Besides being beautiful it is so much cooler than the cities. Aperture Photography Wedding Photographer Hunter cooper tree Inn