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We Photograph beautiful Weddings in the  Albany, Catskills, Hunter, Windham Mountain.  Aperture Photography Professionial Wedding Photographer. We also  serve the Hudson Valley |Albany | Poughkeepsie | Catskills | Kingston | Upstate, NY | ph # 518-678-0176 | email:

Aperture Photography Upstate, NY Wedding Photographer|East Windham NY in Upstate, NY

This was taken in East Windam NY in the northern Catskills in Upstate NY just pulls at my heart strings .  The baby and family members had such love for each other. The love of a family.  What a great wedding !

Albany NY Wedding by Aperture Photography | You never know when a great photograph my happen

Sometimes you just need to be ready for anything.  I was at the back of the church in Albany, NY with a long lense and tring to be quit.  Suddenly this young boy darted out of the 2nd row a I snapped the shot.  The receiption was a the Copper Tree Inn at Hunter Mountain.  Aperture Photography has photographed dozens of weddings in the Hunter, Windam area and love the light and mountain air. Aperture Photography Engagements Sessions Mid-Town Manhattan


Using Textures for a moody day at the Saugerties Lighthouse

I use Photoshop like any other wedding photographer.  I am careful to keep my pictures as natural.  But there is a time and place for everything.  So while looking through some of my Engagement photos on a foggy day at the Saugerties Lighthouse I used some textures one  a few shoots to bring out the mood of the day a little more.  Hope you like it.

Wedding Photography by Aperture Photography in the Catskills near Albany, NY

I beautiful late October day.  A fun loving couple,  who could ask for more.  The location of the wedding was in Greenville, NY near Albany, NY and the couple is from New York City.  More Pictures to come.Aperture Photography Albany, NY Wedding Photographer

Aperture Photography Wedding Photography

It's all in the details ! Acra Manor, in the Catskills

It is hard to find time to blog this time of year.  Here is just a tease.  There is more to come. We spend so much time shooting and editing in Photoshop.  I know a wedding takes at least 60 hours to edit.  I know it seems like a lot, but I am picky and want everything to be the best. Here is a little tease from Acra Manor.  They are so nice and everything was fabulous.  The food was so good.

Wedding Redo

Aperture Photography Weddings in Westchester County Aperture Photography has been in business for over 20 years.  Over the last few years an alarming amount of inexperienced people have bought a camera and said they were wedding photographers.  There prices may be low,  (Too good to be true) and it is always tempting,  put the quality is just not as good as such an important event needs to be.  We at Aperture have been called many time to re-shoot the wedding. And it works. There is a second chance.  After all the photographs are all that is left to remember the most important day of your life.

A stylized wedding  photoshoot that will provide you with the creative photography you wished you had had on your actual wedding day. This is sort of a second chance: Aperture Photography will photograph you and your spouse (with or without family members) in a personalized and stylized re-do of your wedding (with or without the ceremony).

What you provide: The wedding attire for you and your spouse, Decorations, Location, Make-up and Hair, Lots of personality and can’t forget the love! What I will provide: A magazine quality photoshoot for you to treasure and cherish, in otherwards photos you could have only hoped for!

Price $ 395

Aperture's New Business Card Serving Albany, Poughkeepsie, Saratoga, NYC and the Hudson Valley with the finest in Weddings and Senior Portraits

Aperture Photography's new Business Card

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Spring is Here !

We are all feeling the squeeze of higher gas prices and tighter budgets.  But, when it comes to weddings the only thing that will remain after the big day is the photographs.  At Aperture Photography the Hudson Valley's, Upstate NY and Albany's premier wedding photographers we can give you the best in both photography and value.  Book a package valued at $ 2500 or more and you will receive full resolution DVD's of your beautiful wedding a $500 add on at no cost.  Offer expires April  12th.  Happy Spring !

Aperture Photography is ready of anything a Hudson Valley Wedding May Bring. Your Deserve the Best !

Taken in Albany, NY at night without flash

Taking on the challenges of shooting Weddings in the Upstate, NY and the Hudson Valley is quite challenging. The weather and venues is so unpredictable and you must be ready for anything.  Aperture Photography shoots wedding from Sunny golf courses to the darkest Gothic churches in the world.  many times flash is not allowed.  We must be ready, I love 11 North Pearl Street a wonderful old bank.  It has so much atmosphere and is dimly lit as it should be.  Excessive use of flash would only ruin the mood.  So Aperture Photography has made sure we can capture all the beauty and originality of the unique venue.  Below is a camera labs article I found quite interesting.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III thoughts...

The EOS 5D Mark III makes a raft of improvements to the best-selling 5D Mark II to become one of the most complete and well-balanced DSLRs around. The earlier 5D Mark II - not to mention the original 5D Mark I - were all about their big full-frame sensors, often at the cost of other features. This is what you were paying for and many other specifications from continuous shooting to autofocus were actually fairly modest; many owners were also disappointed to find the build and weather sealing were not as good as the price tag may have implied.

The EOS 5D Mark III addresses these criticisms, upgrading the continuous shooting, metering, viewfinder, bracketing, build and most of all the autofocus system. The screen is also bigger and wider, there's now twin memory card slots, and a number of small but useful improvements to the movie capabilities. Put together they add up to a powerful all-round DSLR.

Any yet, where is the killer feature on the Mark III? The major headline grabber? The specification to drive sales and envy from rivals? The sensor resolution and movie frame rates are essentially unchanged. There's still no built-in wireless (be it GPS or Wifi), no 1080/60p video, nor an articulated screen or clean HDMI output. The burst shooting is quicker and the build tougher, but it's no pro sports camera. There's still no built-in flash, which also means no built-in wireless flash control and no continuous AF for movies either. Arguably the most significant upgrade is the autofocus, but while inheriting the state-of-the-art 61-point AF system of the flagship 1D X is a very welcome move, is it really the feature we're supposed to be most excited about? Indeed it's also testament to the power of drip-feeding new features that one of the things I'm most impressed with is the chance to finally bracket more than three frames.

The EOS 5D Mark III is the camera the 5D Mark II really deserved to be. Sure it's still a full-frame camera with 1080p video, but one that's now backed-up by very respectable AF, continuous shooting, composition, bracketing and the promise of superior build. By addressing criticisms of the Mark II, Canon has produced a much more rounded DSLR that feels capable of handling most situations with confidence.

What Makes a Great Photograph? 10 Factors…

Aperture Photography at the Mohonk Mountain House Photographs are a universal language that like any language, communicate to the recipient a message. Like any spoken language there are certain elements that are required to communicate what the speaker, writer or in this case the photographer, is trying to say. And like any language, the photographer, professional or amateur, must learn the language before they can speak it.

Having a nice camera without the proper knowledge of photography is no different than an illiterate having a nice pen (or today, a computer) and trying to write something meaningful. Such is the nature of many wedding photographers practicing today, given the availability of inexpensive digital cameras, websites and online advertising.

Having learned the language of photography over many years I have had success in competing in state and national professional photography competitions sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and have even had the honor of judging these competitions on the state level. As a judge, we must be able to explain and justify the scores that we give to the works of the competitors, who can be both fledgling and experienced pros.

To analyze an image, we break it down to several accepted elements necessary for it to communicate its message effectively. Anyone, amateur or professional, who understands and applies these concepts, can become a much better photographer. And, I believe that if engaged couples can understand even a little about photography, they can make a better educated decision about who to choose to preserve their wedding day.

There are more, but these are the key factors in judging photographs. Any photograph ever made can be analyzed and critiqued using the following criteria…

1- IMPACT…the sense one gets when viewing the image for the first time. Compelling images can evoke the emotion desired by the photographer. 2- CREATIVITY…is the image original and fresh? Does it express the imagination of the creator to convey an idea? 3- TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE…is the quality of the image–sharpness, exposure, color harmony presented properly? 4- COMPOSITION…the proper placement of the subject matter–are the elements in the photo “balanced”, for a pleasing effect? 5- LIGHTING…is it controlled and utilized properly and does it enhance or detract from the image. Proper utilization of lighting whether man-made or natural can enhance an image and create depth and a more 3-dimensional effect. 6- CENTER OF INTEREST…the point in the photo that gets the viewer’s attention. There can be more than one, but the eye is drawn to that position in the photo. Where it is placed will draw the eye to that location and its position will assist in the overall composition. 7- SUBJECT MATTER… should always be appropriate to the story being told. 8- COLOR BALANCE…provides harmony to the image when different tones work together to support the image. 9- TECHNIQUE…the process used to create the image. From straight camera capture with no manipulation to heavily enhanced images using advanced digital techniques, the proper (not excessive) use of technology can created terrific images. 10- STORY TELLING…using the above factors, is the photograph effective in telling a story?

Nonetheless, the photograph, if it is still called a photograph, must still adhere to the above principles to be effective in communicating what the photographer or artist is trying to say. The language of photography has not gotten more complex, just the tools available to convey the message has.


This is an excerpt from a Master Photographer Philip Kent of Northern Virginia.