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Aperture Photography Albany, NY Wedding Photographer and Photojournalism

Nowadays, the most popular approach to wedding photography is as the name speaks for itself.  Photojournalism is based on documentation. It tells the story of the wedding day through photographs. Wedding photojournalism takes its roots from news photography, the area in which it started to flourish after compact cameras and fine quality films were introduced in the early 1970's.

Even in the past, many photographers appreciated the beauty of capturing the flow of events, rather then recreating them; however, the limitations of 35mm fast film quality and equipment prevented them from making photojournalism the primary style until the early 1990's. Taking portraits without the subjects being aware is the main goal of any photojournalist. A true photojournalist blends with the crowd and documents events as they unfold. His pictures document emotions, the real expressions, the happiness and joy. Unlike formal portraits and posed candids taken in the traditional manner, photojournalistic photos reflect fleeting, unposed moments that convey the emotions of the day.   Overall, photojournalism produces an intimate and artistic take on the wedding. Photojournalism captures the real thing, the true spirit of the wedding. The pictures are not corrected, recreated, staged or posed. There is no prepared shot list. If something is missed, it is gone. For a photographer, the Wedding day it is like a sheet of canvas. It is a visual artist - the way it captures your wedding day is the way you will remember it for the rest of your life.