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Wedding Photography in Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff NY | Wedding Photographer Rhinecliff inn NY

  Rhinecliff wedding Photo along the Hudson River

Wedding at the Rhinecliff by Aperture Photography

Wedding at Rhinebeck Stone Church  by Aperture Photography

Rhinebeck Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography

Wedding Party at the Rhinecliff

Couple taking wedding photos in Rhinebeck


Where on earth can you find a better location for weddings and wedding photography then the Rhinecliff and Rhinebeck NY area.  The towns are located on the Hudson River and are beautiful  historic towns.  The Clinton's ( Chelsea Clinton ) can choose anywhere on earth and they choose Rhinebeck.  The venues are beautiful.  The Rhinecliff Inn is located right on the hudson with a train station right next store. Aperture Photography has is th top Wedding Photographer Rhinecliff inn NY

Aperture Photography has photographed dozens of weddings in Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff and rest assured it is an amazing place to get married and for wedding photography.

The Look of Old Films in a Digital Age | Rhinebeck Wedding Photography

Digital photography has changed the way wedding photography is done.  It is argued at nausea among professionals if it has been a good or bad development.  I am not going into rehash that fight.  Aperture Photography photographs wedding all over the Hudson Valley with both. The high cost of film and processing has priced all put the highest budgets for wedding photography out of range.

I have been working on bringing back the look of old film for  Aperture Photography wedding photography.  The look of film is big in towns like Rhinebeck, Woodstock, Kingston  and many of the artistic towns that do the Hudson River Valley.

Aperture Photography has been photographing weddings in the Upstate, NY area for over 20 years.  Here is a taste of old film types in the modern world of digital.

Bride walking along the Hudson River

Wedding Ceremony in Rhinebeck

bride and Groom at their wedding in Rhinebeck.


Warm Sunset Light at The Rhinecliff Hotel | Rhinebeck Wedding Photography

Wedding Photograph in warn sunset light at the Rhinecliff NY Photography is all about light.  And one of best times of day is 1 hour before sunset.  The warm beautiful light flooding the couple is sure to please the bride and groom with great wedding photography.  Aperture Photography is always looking for the best way to put the couple in the best light.  No matter what the weather there is great light to be found.  Take a look at our website and see more photographs in many different lighting conditions.

Be sure to take a look at The Rhinecliff Hotel's Web Site.  A wonderful place to enjoy your wedding or just stop by and have a great dinner.