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Saugerties Performing Arts Factory (SPAF)

Saugerties and Kingston NY have become destination wedding locations for hip couples.  The Art and Antique movement have transformed the once decaying areas into the gems. The hard work of local businesses have transformed 19th century buildings into period pieces that are one of a kind and stunning.  Micro brewery's , Art galleries and old factory's have been transformed into stunning unique places to hold weddings and events.

Saugerties has a great Art scene with a center piece called the Saugerties Performing Arts Factory (SPAF).

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Causal Wedding Portrait | Aperture Photography Upstate NY Wedding Photographer

I love a causal style of portrait for weddings.  I was classically trained and can do the formals that are almost royal.  But, I much prefer a more relaxed style.  This shot is an example of simple, relaxed, comfortable and beautiful.  It will always be in style.  Aperture Photography really thinks that when that photographs should look as good 25 years from now as they do today.  Book us today we will work with you to provide you with great wedding photography at a good price. A more relaxed wedding portrait

The Great Gatsby Inspiration for Wedding Photography | Aperture Photography Saugerties Wedding Photographer

1920 was a great time for fashion.  My Grandmother was a flapper.  I saw all the photographs of the style of the 1920.  I just watched the trailer for the movie Great Gatsby and I know there will be many 1920's style weddings.  It should be fun and bring back a lot of memories of my grandmother. Aperture Photography is a Albany NY, Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer. Aperture Photography Wedding Photographer

Swarmed by Paparazzi on their wedding day! | Wedding Photographers Aperture Photography Kingston, Saugerties, Poughkeepsie

Albany, Pougkeepsie Wedding Photographer Aperture Photographers Great Wedding Photographers  must have a balanced approach. The bride and groom cannot be  swarmed by paparazzi  wedding photographers on their wedding day! A balance must be struck by getting all the photographs to document the wedding perfectly and making sure the wedding is about them. So  you must be a into  photojournalism a bit of   traditional photography for family group shots and editorial photographer for great fashion and wow shots.  Balance is the key. Aperture Photography photographs weddings throughout the Hudson Valley, including Saratoga Springs, Albany, Saugerties, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Catskills, Westchester and NYC.

Saugerties, Kingston Wedding Photographer on Film | Aperture Photography

The 4:5 format of Medium format film is a format many pros have never shot in. Aperture Photography  was  booked for a wedding today that will be all film !  The bride and groom are in the entertainment world and love the look and texture of Medium Format film.  I have been shooting film for 20 years.  In the last 7 or so years almost all digital.  They both are wonderful, but so different.  I will be using  Kodak Portra Film.  I love the skin tones and pastel  look.  The 4:5 format is very different from the digitals 3:2.  My camera of choice will be a Contax 645.  The thin depth of field and blurred  background  in the right light and printed on the right paper looks a bit like a painting.  Because of the expense of film and film processing is quite high it forces you to be very precise.  Since I shot professionally on film for so long it will not be difficult for me, but it sure is exciting.  We are planning 3 locations.  The streets of Saugerties, The Saugerties lighthouse and the Kaaterskill Falls in Catskill. Aperture Photography  photographs weddings in the Hudson Valley, Albany, Poughkeepsie and New York City.  Stop by our web site and take a look.

Kingston, Rhinebeck and Saugerties Wedding Photographer, Aperture Photography

In one of my last posts I spoke about the beauty of the Catskills  including Upstate NY, Catskill Mountain Region, Hudson Valley Region, Adirondack Region,  Delaware County, Roxbury, Andes, Delhi and Big Indian.  In this post I want to tough on a different type of beauty.  The Hudson River, Valley towns of Kingston and Saugerties NY.  These sleepy little towns with 19th century building make for a look and feel right out of a movie.

The HBO show Boardwalk Empire has a similar look and Aperture Photography has shot hundreds of weddings in these locations and will provide you with special unforgettable wedding photography.  Take a look at some of our work at

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Special Effects and Wedding Photography

This subject is a highly personal matter of taste.  When photographers like myself  a lot of switched most of our work to from film to digital a whole new door opened.  That door is and was Photoshop.  Like salt and pepper it should be used with care.  It is a powerful tool and you can do almost anything with it.  But the question is should you.  After years of working with it the answer is no.  Photoshop is great to enhance an already great photograph, but is no substitute for good skillful photography.  I still love to shoot is film and you get one chance.  And that is all you need.  A professional wedding photographer must nail the shot.  Aperture Photography has been in business for over 20 years and I see, so many weekend warriors come and go due to a lack of fundamental skills and lack of art training.

I shoot film for most of my personal work and force myself to be technically sound.  Then and only then can I go for the Wow shots !   Yes I use special effects sprinkled throughout as a seasoning, put never as a main course.  Wedding Photography must pass the test of time.  Like a classic song that sounds good like the day it was recorded  A photograph must look great in 20 years.  Too many Photoshop tricks and you will look back and see a dated set of pictures.  A few stylized shots enhance.

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Reflections of Past Weddings

As the years go by you go through various styles and techniques.  This is the time of year I go through the over two decades of files and prints and take stock in what holds up to the test of time.  Some styles just work and are timeless while others just don't make the cut.  I think it is important to use and reuse the shots that are wonderful so my new brides benefit from my experience.  Here is a photograph from a 2005 wedding in Kingston NY .  I like the painterly quality of it.  Along with the many other looks I have done over the years I will incorporate this type of shot once or twice in 2013 if the opportunity.Aperture Photography  Kingston Wedding Photographer

The Full Moon Resort Barn

I just love the barns at The Full Moon Resort. I have been working on texture techniques today so I picked out the red and green barn I like so much.  Here is a sample.

Using Textures for a moody day at the Saugerties Lighthouse

I use Photoshop like any other wedding photographer.  I am careful to keep my pictures as natural.  But there is a time and place for everything.  So while looking through some of my Engagement photos on a foggy day at the Saugerties Lighthouse I used some textures one  a few shoots to bring out the mood of the day a little more.  Hope you like it.