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Summer Weddings in Upstate NY

Summer Wedding in Kingston NY by Aperture Photography Flower girl photographed at The Chateau

t has been both a beautiful and painful summer shooting weddings in NYC and upstate, NY.  It seems hotter and more humid the ever.  I could be wrong due to the trend toward outside weddings.  The Wedding and wedding industry blogs and publications are mostly based on the regions coastal of California.  The wedding are almost never humid and much cooler.  The wedding are held about 1 hour before sunset.  The comfort level could not be better.  This has influenced the wedding here where weddings held in hot humid times were not the norm just 5 years ago.

The reasons are many and I will list just a few.

  • Church weddings are becoming rare.
  • The venues would much rather time and locate the wedding at a certain location and time for logistics.
  • And of course the wedding media and the California weather style.

This is not to say New York outdoor weddings are not wonderful.  If the weather is on your side and the timing is perfect The Hudson Valley is the best.  But in July and August it could get uncomfortable.

Form mid September until late October nothing is like the Northeast part of the US.  Absolutely the best place to in the world to hold a wedding.  The refreshing air and great views are world famous.  And who does not love a North East  Fall foliage, christmas or a snowy wedding.

Don't get me wrong.  The summer is special, but think about the heat when make up and hair is involved.  You can do a lot no matter what the weather to insure you are picture ready.

Weddings and the little things | Aperture Photography Upstate, NY Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer with Aperture Photography and artist I always want my work to stand the test of time.  I am educated in fine art and always keep in mind that the very best work never goes out of fashion.  I call it the Black Tuxedo Rule. At an award show it always works.  It  With details simple is better.  It is not about spending a lot of money it is about classic details will look great in your photographs.  Good design never goes out of style and will look good  one hundred years from now as it did the day of the wedding.  I just photographed a lovely wedding in Irvington, NY near Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow  in Westchester County.  I have photographed many weddings in the area and it is always beautiful.  The photographs in this post are of a wedding in a private home and it shows what can be done by a creative bride and groom and family. Most of the photos were taken at this one wedding. Wedding cake in Westchester County NY

Cup Cakes homemade displayed artfully at a wedding

beautiful home made sign at a wedding

Wedding Flower Classic Looks Great in any Color

Flowers at a wedding less is more

Home made wedding center piece ideas

Strawberry Cake at a wedding

Wedding Flowers captured by Aperture Photography wedding Photographer


The wedding dessert table DYI

Night Wedding in the Hudson Valley | Upstate Wedding Photographer

Hudson Valley Wedding Photo at night Weddings are special and always different.  But, a  outdoor night wedding takes on a totally different feel.  The light and time of day make the event stand out from other weddings. The photographs are dramatic and even the band just sounds different.  The Hudson Valley of NY is so vast.  From New York City to north of Albany.  In the 170 mile stretch you will find many rural area with barns and old estates.  The Catskills are just 2o miles from the Hudson River with farms and mountains and hundreds of land owners who rent out and there land and barns. If you want a night wedding you can tailor it to your exact tastes.  Even the dedicated wedding establishments will be happy to help you make the night exactly your own.  Call us at 518-678-0176 and take a look at our work on our website to book your photography, Or just ask about great places to have your wonderful night wedding.