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Aperture Photography Photographs a Wedding on a perfect day at the incredible Rhinecliff

I wish I had time to write about how perfect the couple, The Rhinecliff and the day was.  I was amazed how beautiful it was.  Aperture Photography has photographed many weddings at the Rhinecliff and what amazes me is the perfect light.  Sunny or Cloudy the angle and Hudson River make it a dream for photography.  Love it !  Visit there site and Aperture Photography  for some information and photographs. Amazing Couple and Venue

Aperture Photography Rhinecliff  Rhinebeck Wedding Photographer

Aperture Photography Rhinecliff Wedding Photographer

Aperture Photography has a busy day Friday Photographing a Wedding at The Grandview, The Poughkeepsie Grand and St. Ann's in Newburgh

Tomorrow is a real busy day.  I just tested every piece of equipment, read my notes, programmed my GPS (although I have photographed been at these venues many times)  No chances for me.  The cars gas tank is topped off and it's time to relax.  Tomorrow is time for creativity and making memories.  I just wanted to thank Kelly and  Keith from Saturday's wedding in Woodstock, NY and post one more shot.  There are more at Woodstock Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography