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It is ok not to be a totally photo-journistic wedding photographer ? Sure it is !

Some Wedding Photographers have a hard time with input from anyone.  They like to say that my style is this or that and will not deviate from an artistic dogma.

Aperture Photography has an editorial style with a mix of photojournalism mixed in.  We would prefer not to set up to many shots, but what counts in the end is the Bride and Groom.  They must be happy and yes, " it is all about them" !

I was looking at some different so called "pure photojournalistic" wedding photographers Most of the pictures are posed. The photographer told the bride and groom what to do. To kiss or not. The fire , clouds and who know what was added and edited in Photoshop.

True photo-journalistic wedding shots are those which are caught without the bride and groom knowing someone took their shot.   Although I would like to shoot some weddings in the pure form it is just not what most couples want and need. Couples want current style and formal shots and some shots there friends had at there wedding mixed in with candid photojournalistic shots.  I just got an e-mail from a bride, and it ad dozens of set up shots with the typical groomsman holding the bride in the air and every trick shot.  Though not my taste I will study the shots sent to me and  give the nice couple what they want.  I will mix in some my unique style to balance out the photograph.

l think it will be fun and accept the challenge of photographing a wedding outside of my style.  I will knock it out of the park too.

Aperture Photography photographs weddings in the Westchester. Poughkeepsie, Albany and Hudson Valley Area.  It is a diverse client base.