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Upstate NY and Northeast Barn Weddings | Aperture Photography

Barn Weddings are all the rage.  Aperture Photography photographed at least 15 this year.  They can be amazing.  Beautiful farms with rustic old barns look amazing.  This Year I photographed Barn weddings in the state’s New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut and New Jersey.  What I have notices most this year is that the Barns have so much more comfort and luxury.  Just a few years ago the barns we beautiful and quite original, but in a way roughing it.  That’s fine for some couples, but the modern changing rooms, rest rooms and in many barns A/C have made it so comfortable and enjoyable.  It was a hot summer and fall and the little comforts are welcome.

Bride and Groom Wedding Photo.jpg

The barn venues are everywhere now. From remote locations in Vermont and the Saratoga area to the hidden away private yet lovely barns in downstate New York and the Albany areas.

I love the texture and beautiful farm lands and of course the mountains we are so lucky to have here.  I feel I can make a beautiful collection of artful memories that rival any place in the world.  From vast landscapes to quite ponds the limit is only the imagination. Here is just a tiny fraction of the 20 to 30 thousand photographs I shot this year.

Here are some photographs from the amazing :

Wedding Barn At Lakota's Farm in Cambridge, NY What a amazing place with a amazing staff !  Thank You !