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The Start of a wonderful Adventure Stating  with the obvious Aperture Photography photographs weddings we are photographers after all.  But our wedding photography is all about telling the story of the wedding and loved ones.  I am a lover of fine movies.  I feel that you can tell a story of the couple and loved ones that will grow in value every day.  I look at my wedding album and  pictures and see all the faces of the people I love.  I see my beautiful wife who gets more beautiful everyday and understand what this busy hectic life is all about. Some of the people at the wedding have passed. I am so happy to see them and I think for hours about the love, the times together and our history.  Please visit us at

I see the beauty of my bride and cannot believe how lucky I am to have " married up ".  I think of the three children  we have and the joy they give me.  Living history, beauty and joy.  Not just a collection of wedding story, but a story of a collection of family, friends and love.

This brings me to the importance of having a wedding photographer like Aperture Photography document your life.

We are a business, but more importantly we have a passion to give our brides and grooms and families with a beginning, a story a history.  I really mean it when I say " It is more important than the money to me "

Aperture Photography wedding photographer will travel anywhere to give you the story of your day.  we are base in the Hudson Valley and photograph weddings in the Albany, Upstate, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill and are minutes from most locations in the Catskill Mountains.  Hunter, Windham and Mohonk are close by and we know them well.