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Enjoy Your Wedding Go UN PLUGGED | Hudson Valley Photographer Aperture Photography

I Have photographed hundreds of weddings in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains.  The couples who have the most fun hire great pros and expect them to do a great job.  As a wedding Photographer I see so many well meaning guests spending the whole day taking photos and takings up all the bride and grooms time.  I don't get angry at all, but I wonder if they enjoyed the wedding.  It is kind of like going to a concert with ear plugs and watching it through your cell phone.  I never quite understood what everyone does with the hundreds of Cake shots ?

The Hudson Valley and surrounding Catskills it is so beautiful why not be in the moment and share the love with friends and family.  I  always put up an online galley with a thousand or so photographs.  I am starting to see many couples say leave the cameras off and enjoy the many delights and love a wedding brings.

All I mean is consider going unplugged.  Eat, drink and be really present.  I think you will love it.

Wedding Photography at the Mohonk Mountain House

Photography Color Palette | Aperture Photography Poughkeepsie Wedding Photographer

Brides will spend a year looking for colors and color themes to match a vision. Maybe it is an fresh spring wedding with flowers and a pastel look so wonderful after a dark New York Winter. Hint: It is hard to beat the Locust Grove in Poughkeepsie.  Or a October fall them with all the warm colors that go with it.  Who does not love the fall leaves, the hay, maybe a nice fire or a even hey rides. 

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Hudson Valley Wedding Photography | Something beautiful for everyone.

The Hudson Valley may be the new Hamptons !  I read an article in which many of the so called hip crowd has bought homes in the area.  Also,  I have noticed about 1/2 of my customers live in New York City or the nearby areas.  For good reason.  The Hudson Valley and the Catskills has become a go to place for art, beauty, music and culture.

The many different options and styles of venues are endless.  From amazing small towns like, Saugerties, Hudson , Kingston and so many others to the rustic locations in the Catskills it is just a feast of beauty.

It is amazing that in the Hudson Valley your wedding photography and looks can be so different.  In a half an hour you can be at the Hudson River and then the many ski slopes of the Catskills make the Hudson Valley a area like no other.  Aperture Photography has photographed everywhere from the many barn weddings to the old mansions along the Hudson River.

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Mabee Farms in Schenectady, NY is a wonderful location for a barn wedding !

Mabee Farms and Historical Site is over three hundred years old.  I would have to say looks better than ever.  it is such a great place to photograph a wedding.  The barn has so much space and texture.  It is a classic Dutch Barn on the Mohawk River near Schenectady, NY .

Aperture Photography does over a dozen Barn Wedding a year and the river, farm and out building add to the beauty on the main barn.  I want to post a few photographs of a wedding I shot at Mabee Farms.  I hope you enjoy them.

Make sure you tour the old Dutch House on the Grounds.  You will get quite an education of early New York History. 




New Book about Albany, NY | Portraits | Photography

I was looking over some photographs on some hard drive I had in my studio.  It contained so interesting images of people and places I rarely meet or areas I don't visit much.  I come from a white middle class background and for the most part know people a lot like me.  So when i saw these photographs of a book I was doing of the urban churches in Albany, NY titled Sunday hats I really wanted to finish the book.  The people are amazing and there ideas and what is important to them is wonderful.  These ladies are some of the most kind people I have ever meet.  I have thousands more photographs I just wanted to share a few. Sunday fashion and colorful hats and the important place in the local culture is so interesting to me.  Here is a quick look at a few.