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Why I Carry Three Cameras | Aperture Photography Albany NY Wedding Photographer

For many parts of each wedding I shoot I have 3 cameras with 3 very different lenses.  Any photographer who really know his art know it is the lenses that are the artists paint brushes.  It is hard to do put I need the right lens to get the right shot.  Most people use general purpose lenses.  The results will be ok, but never spectacular.  My style is artistic, and leans toward the fine art side.  I have been doing this so long I just know what lens I need to get the look and feel I need.  Changing lenses is not fast enough and brakes my train of thought.  I like to have all fast lenses on the camera so I have the flexibility to through the background out of focus.  I need one long lenses that can reach out and capture candid moments.  I also need an exotic lens that shots at f 1.2 to give a ethereal look when I feel it is right.  Sure I have great assistants, put I still need to be lightning quick.  Aperture Photography prides its self in wedding photography that is art not just photography.Aperture-Photography-Wedding in NYCAperture Photography Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer-34Wedding Photographer Aperture Photography Hunter Mountain